Important Information for Bourbon Burn 2023

Please read this information in its entirety before checking in with Padre's Cycle Inn.

We will be available for check-in beginning on Thursday afternoon at 3:00 pm. You'll need to submit your waiver before checking in, so be sure to do so in advance if you haven't already. If you will be arriving after 8:00 pm, please contact us in advance so we can do our best to accommodate you. Check-in for Padre's Cycle Inn will be near the entrance to the Bourbon Burn Base Camp and is noted on the map below. 

Just look for our Padre's trailer and banners, shown below.


When you check in at our campsite, you'll receive a Padre's wristband with your assigned tent number on it. Our wristbands will be used in addition to the Bourbon Burn rider wristbands. Please wear the Padre's wristband on your wrist. Only guests with Padre's wristbands will be permitted in our relaxation area, called The Zone, which secures a spot for your bike on our racks along with outlets for you to charge your electronics and other amenities. Furthermore, your wristband will remind you which tent is yours when you arrive in camp. Each tent is numbered on both sides in bold lettering. 

Tents and Mattresses
You will have a high-quality Kelty tent with a twin size air mattress, fully set up for you when you arrive. You’ll use the same tent and mattress each day, and your tent number will be on your Padre’s wristband. You should have no issues with your tent, but if you do, please find a Padre's crew member. Crew members will be easy to spot in their bright yellow Padre's shirts or vests. Any crew member should be able to help you resolve any issues. If your air mattress needs more air when you first enter your tent, please write your tent number on the "Mattress Top-Offs" board on the front of the Padre's trailer, and those will be topped off around 8pm. Here's a photo of the mattress top-off board.

If you have an issue with your air mattress in the middle of the night, there will also be handheld inflators set out each night in the zone, if you need to top yours off. Here's a photo of an inflator being used:

Keep in mind that if your air mattress is slightly deflated by morning this is normal; it does not mean your mattress is defective. However, if you wake up on the ground, please let us know! We want you to have the best rest possible. It’s a good idea to check your air mattress when you arrive at camp each day. This way, if there is an issue, we can get it resolved before you are ready to retire for the night. You’ll need to bring your own bedding. We recommend a set of twin mattress sheets, blanket or sleeping bag, and a pillow. For reference, the mattress dimensions are about 75”x39”x10”.

Please do not wear cycling cleats inside your tent. The cleats will damage the bottom, which will result in you waking up with water on your tent floor if it rains. It's best to remove any shoes before entering. It will prevent dragging in grass and debris into your home-for-the-event. A pair of flip-flops works in camp, as you can easily slip them off and on. Please do not eat, drink, or smoke inside the tent. Open food inside the tent will attract ants, and you’ll have them in your tent all week. We’ve seen issues with food attracting ants on past events, so please be careful.

Padre’s Zone
After a long day’s ride, you’ll enjoy the Padre’s Zone. Under our canopies or shade trees, you’ll find a chair to sit in, complimentary snacks and refreshments, cooling fans, and more. Each morning, in the same area, you will find freshly brewed coffee, starting at 6:00 am. There will also be water, ice, and sports drink powder. One cooler will be solely for clean ice. When getting ice from the clean ice cooler, please use the ice scoop, and sanitize your hands before doing so to avoid the spread of germs. Do not grab ice while wearing cycling gloves. Mounted to the side door of the Padre's Zone trailer will be cups, utensils, & coffee supplies, as well as hand sanitizer and a first aid kit. Typically, we close up the trailer and secure the charging station around 10 pm. If you are in this area after 10, please be respectful of other guests who may be trying to sleep. Here a photo of the supply door:

Charging Station
In the Zone, you’ll also find our electronics charging station. There will be more outlets than guests, so everyone should have an outlet to use at any given time. But please remove your electronics once they are fully charged. Your phone will charge faster if powered off while charging anyway. The charging station is not monitored, so please do not leave your items unattended. Padre’s is not responsible for lost or damaged items left on the charging station. If you are riding an e-bike, you can charge your removable batteries at the charging station. If your e-bike battery doesn’t come off, please bring a 50’ extension cord so that you can charge your bike outside the Zone. The charging station will run from approximately 6:30-8:00 am, and from around noon until 10:00 pm, when it will be put in the cargo trailer and locked until morning.

Bikes, Racks, and Maintenance
We will have several bike racks to hang your bike each day. This is the best place to put your bike while in camp. Bike racks are first come, first served, but there should be enough space for all guests, depending on bike types and accessories. If you have a trike, simply park it near the bike racks. Please do not bring your bike inside your tent or vestibule, or lean it against your tent. This can damage the tent and get grease inside, which will ultimately end up on you and your things. We’ve not had issues with theft in the past, but if it makes you feel more comfortable, feel free to bring a lock and secure your bike to the rack. If you have mechanical issues with your bike, there will be a limited set of tools to borrow. Please return any tools you may borrow. Your used shower towel will work well for wiping things off at this time. We will also have several bike pumps available. Please keep the bike pumps in the bike rack area, so that other guests can easily locate them.

Showers and Towels
Each evening, you'll be provided with two new shower towels. The towels are eco-friendly, recycled, and disposable. But have no fear; we have used these towels many years with virtually no complaints. The towels are strong and absorbent, but to ensure that they do the trick, you'll get two daily. Save a used towel after your shower. They are ideal for wiping your bike or other gear down in the morning or should you need to work on your bike at any time. Don’t forget to grab your towels on your way to the showers each evening!

If you’re checking out on Sunday morning, please have your gear out of your tent by around 8:30 am, as our crew will spend the day drying out and sanitizing all the tents and mattresses. Feel free to grab a shower towel when you check out if you want one to shower when you finish Sunday’s ride.  Once all of your gear is out of the tent, we’ll assume it’s safe to take down.

Text Alerts
We’ll likely send out a text alert or two during the event as reminders or important information. If you're not already subscribed, please sign up for our text alerts by texting @padresburn to 81010.

Gratuity is not included in your registration fee. However, there will be a tip jar out in the relaxation area at the end of the week. If you feel your staff has done a good job for you, feel free to show them your appreciation with a cash tip. Our crew typically averages 15% in tips. 

Recommended Items
Please click here for a list of suggested items.