How and What To Pack

Part 1: How to Pack for Padre's

Whether you’re already a super-organized traveler or someone who is overwhelmed by what to pack and how to pack it, here’s a guide to helping you get organized for a multi-day camping event with Padre’s Cycle Inn. Please note that everyone has their individual styles, wants, and needs. This is indeed simply a guide. Hope it helps!

Don’t Overpack
Yes, you’re camping over multiple days. But remember - Padre’s has your back. We have your tent, air mattress, chair, shade, towels, bike pump, and a host of other items you don’t need to bring. Pack only what you need. Remember, you can bring two bags, each weighing up to 40lbs, but be sure to save some empty space (and weight) in your bags for souvenirs that you might pick up along the way. Please always opt for two bags over one bag, even if you’re under the overall weight limit. This will help our crew, and it will actually help you stay better-organized. Keep reading to find out how!

Organize Your Gear
You can easily become overwhelmed by stuffing all of your gear for multiple days into one or two bags. Here are some recommendations to help you think through and pre-organize yourself, so that you’re more at ease before and after each day’s ride.

Daily Kits/Sets
Consider packing each day’s cycling gear into a ziplock bag. Gallon size bags typically work well for this. Most people can fit a kit with socks into one gallon-size ziplock bag. If you’re trying to stick with themes for the event or with your team, you can even label each bag by the day, date, or theme. 

You can take this same approach for your evening wear, depending on what you’re planning to wear. If you need more than one ziplock bag for a day or evening, simply pack additionals, and mark them. For example, Day 1 Ride, Day 1 of 1 Evening, Day 1 of 2 Evening, and so on.

It’s also a good idea to have a smaller ziplock within each day’s set that has your daily allotted cash, any medicine, or other daily requirements you won’t want to forget.

What would we do without our phone? Watch? Bike computer? Lights? Well, Padre’s has you covered with electronics charging, but it’s helpful to have that organized as well. We may have as many as 150 people charging items on the charging station. While there’s plenty of room for all on the charging station, many items might look identical at first glance. Your white cord and charge block is one of many. Make yours stand out by wrapping a piece of colored electrical or duct tape around it and/or label yours with your name. This will also help our crew locate your items if you misplace them. Additionally, be aware of the charging station times, as it shuts down at 10pm, and it opens up as early as 5:30am. A ziplock bag for your electronics is also helpful. Keeping a checklist with your bag also keeps you from forgetting any item or cord when turning in for the night.

On-Bike Items
Many of your electronics go with you each day on the ride. You might find it helpful to keep those items bundled together as well. This may also include a pack or bag of some kind, water bottles, sunglasses, sunscreen, gloves, raingear, or any other items that you typically take along with you. Having a home base for these items will also help prevent you from forgetting to take anything with you before packing up your gear to be loaded onto the baggage truck.

Shower Bag
One of the first things you typically want to do after a long ride is to grab your gear and head to the showers. If you’ve ridden with Padre’s before, you probably know about our early items bins. These bins are always sitting out near our Zone, and they’re a great solution to not having to search through your bags in the heat of the day, trying to find your shampoo, shower shoes, and a clean set of clothes. Be sure to pack with you a string bag, which you can prepare each evening or morning with that next day’s shower necessities. A string bag is the perfect size to house your soap, shampoo, set of clothes, etc. so that all you have to do when you roll in to camp is rack your bike, grab your clean shower towel, find your prepared shower bag in our early items bins, and head off to the showers!

Sleeping Items
You might think cycling events occur during the summer months, so it will always be hot. That assumption leaves many folks out in the cold each year. Don’t assume - prepare. A sleeping bag is a great item to pack. They’re easy to bundle, and when not wanted, easy to set aside inside your tent. They’ll also keep you warmer typically than a blanket. We highly recommend a sleeping bag. A pillow is also a desired item. You can find lots of mini/camping pillows as a good space-saving option. Some are even easily inflatable. Whatever you choose for your bedding, just remember that Padre’s does not provide any bedding. If you prefer a sheet set, our mattresses are twin size, about 75x39x10 inches. Pillows and sleeping bags must be stowed inside baggage, not affixed to a bag. Whatever you choose, be sure to pack away your linens each morning.

Medicine, Sunscreen, and Ointments
By all means, don’t forget any medicines that are required or simply desired. That includes sunscreen and chamois cream. Sample sizes of needed items are good to pack in with your daily kit.

Part 2: What To Pack


  • sleeping bag or blanket
  • bedding for air mattress
  • pillow
  • bug spray 
  • sling bag
  • zip lock bags
  • zip ties


  • cycling shorts / jerseys / kits
  • cycling shoes
  • hat
  • comfy campground shorts / shirts
  • long pants
  • sports bras
  • flip-flopf / shower shoes
  • hoody / fleece
  • sunglasses
  • swim suit
  • t-shirts / tank-tops
  • underwear
  • rain gear
  • headband light / flashlight
  • tent fan (O2 Cool or similar)
  • tennis shoes
  • bandana


  • helmet
  • sunscreen / SPF chapstick
  • two water bottles
  • multi-tool
  • front / rear lights
  • cash ($50/day minimum)
  • credit / ATM card
  • driver license / ID
  • health insurance ID card
  • patch kit / tire tools / mini pump / CO2
  • cycling gloves
  • spare tubes
  • butt butter / chamois butter / aquaphor
  • wet wipes
  • bike lock
  • mini first aid kit (bandaids, pain relief)


  • phone
  • camera / go pro
  • chargers / cables / blocks
  • batteries
  • bluetooth speaker


  • ear plugs
  • sleep mask
  • medication
  • bungee cords
  • gum
  • plastic grocery sacks for bike seat


  • quick-dry travel towel
  • glasses
  • contact lenses / solution
  • razor
  • eye-drops
  • q-tips
  • shampoo / conditioner
  • soap
  • tooth brush / toothpaste
  • hairbrush / hair ties