We're always looking for people to be part of our Padre's Crew. For each event, we always need a variety of people, in order to make our customers' experience memorable and glitch-free. The work is seasonal, so we hire workers per event.

Are you or someone you know interested in working an event? Or are you interested in trading some volunteer time for credit toward participating in a Padre's-supported event? Contact us for more infromation!

Here's a general list of positions we always need:

  • Crew Leader - oversee the operations of camp from day to day, ensuring every task is getting completed
  • Group Leader - lead a smaller group, ensuring that the group's tasks are getting done
  • Zone Host - help customers who need assistance, answer customer questions, set up and maintain the Zone
  • Zone Helper - help Zone host as needed, keep snacks and beverages stocked
  • Driver - drive trucks with trailers and/or box/cargo trucks
  • Tent & Baggage Handler - set up tents and mattresses, break down tents, deliver baggage