About Us

Padre’s Cycle Inn was founded in 2007 by Bill Carter. Bill was a minister from Mexico - Mexico, Missouri, that is. Hence, the nickname, “Padre” was born. Bill operated the business until 2015, when he sold the business to retire. Jimmy and Dave were customers of Padre’s at the time, and we decided that the business was a great opportunity to do something that involved our passion for cycling and love of camping. 

Our primary focus is customer service. We want every rider in camp to have a personalized experience that takes the work, logistics, and other hassles out of a multi-day bike ride. We literally and figuratively do all of the “heavy lifting” for you so that you can enjoy the ride and simply “cycle inn” each day.

Jimmy and Dave have ridden many of the events we support, in order to get a feel for what each event offers. We believe in the events we choose to support. Feel free to contact us for information or advice on these events!