Important Information for Katy Trail 2022

Please be sure to read this information at least once, in its entirety before checking in with Padre's Cycle Inn.

Arrival in St. Charles and Check-In
Camp in the start town will be set up the afternoon of Sunday, June 19.  We’ll be camping in Frontier Park, which is right where the St. Charles trailhead is. You’ll see the Padre’s Cycle Inn trailer, along with our village of tents with the signature orange Kelty logo and trim. If you are having trouble locating camp, feel free to contact us at 314.644.4440. When you arrive in camp, just come to the table under the canopies to get checked in.

Wristbands and Baggage
When you check in, you’ll receive your tent number. Inside your tent, you will find a packet with a wristband and two baggage tags for Padre’s Cycle Inn, each with your tent number. If you are sharing a tent, you will find two packets inside the tent - one for each person. Please verify that you have two baggage tags and one wristband, and that the number written on these matches the tent number you were assigned. These items are in addition to your event wristbands. These signify that you are a Padre's rider. Only Padre's riders are permitted in the Padre’s Zone or to use any of our amenities. Please attach your baggage tags to your two bags as soon as you enter camp, using the zip ties included in your packet. Please also wear your Padre’s wristband all week. 

Each rider is allowed two bags, each weighing 40 lbs or less. As you begin to pack, you'll realize that you’ll have ample space for what you need. Remember, you don't need to pack a tent, mattress, pump, chair, or even towels. These are all provided for you. So, what you really end up needing to bring will be less than you may think. If you are undecided between one and two bags, opt for two and split the weight up. Consider saving some space to come back with souvenirs you may acquire throughout the week. As with any camping event, we could have bad weather at times.  We’ll do our best to store luggage in a dry location, but at times it’s impossible to keep everything clean and dry.  We recommend you keep this in mind when bringing luggage and when packing your bags. If your bag isn’t weatherproof you may want to pack your items in zip lock or other bags inside your luggage. You may also want to avoid bringing luggage that you don’t want to get dirty.

You should pack your baggage as if you were boarding a plane. Since all baggage goes into a truck or trailer, Padre's cannot transport items not in a bag or case designed for transport. Additional fees may be assessed for overweight baggage or loose items, so be sure to weigh your items before you arrive. If you absolutely need to be over the limit, contact us in advance to make special arrangements. All checked bags must have a Padre's Baggage Tag affixed with the provided zip tie. Please note that overweight bags, extra bags, untagged bags, and/or loose items are subject to a $75 extra baggage fee per item.

Tents and Mattresses
You will have a high-quality Kelty tent with a twin size air mattress, fully set up for you daily. You’ll use the same tent and mattress each day, and your tent number will be on your Padre’s wristband. You should have no issues with your tent, but if you do, please find a Padre's crew member. Crew members will be easy to spot in their bright yellow Padre's shirts or vests. Any crew member should be able to help you resolve any issues. If your air mattress needs more air when you first enter your tent, please write your tent number on the "Mattress Top-Offs" board on the front of the trailer, and those will be topped off before bed time. If you have an issue with your air mattress in the middle of the night, there will also be handheld inflators set out each night in the zone, if you need to top yours off. Keep in mind that if your air mattress is slightly deflated by morning this is normal; it does not mean your mattress is defective. However, if you wake up on the ground, please let us know! We want you to have the best rest possible. It’s a good idea to check your air mattress when you arrive at camp each day. This way, if there is an issue, we can get it resolved before you are ready to retire for the night. Each day, in the Zone on the front of the cargo trailer, there will be a place for you to write your tent number if your mattress needs a top-off. You’ll need to bring your own bedding. We recommend a set of twin mattress sheets, blanket or sleeping bag, and a pillow. For reference, the mattress dimensions are about 75”x39”x10”.

Please do not wear cycling cleats inside your tent. The cleats will damage the tent bottom, which could result in you waking up with water on your tent floor if it rains. It's best to remove any shoes before entering your tent. It will prevent dragging in grass and debris into your home-for-the-week. A pair of flip-flops works well for this and for the showers. Please do not eat, drink, or smoke inside the tent. Open food inside the tent will attract ants, and you’ll have them in your tent all week. It is our goal to have your tent ready for you, with your luggage inside, by 4:00 pm each day. Since all luggage is typically kept stacked in our box truck until it is delivered to your tent, it will not be available until it’s delivered to your tent. If you know you’ll be arriving in camp before your luggage will be available, remember to utilize the Early Items bins mentioned above.

Padre’s Zone
After a long day’s ride, you’ll enjoy the Padre’s Zone. Under our canopies or shade trees, you’ll find a chair to sit in, complimentary snacks and refreshments, fans, and more. Our goal is to have this area setup each day by 3 pm and to have your tents and luggage ready to go by 4 pm.  This area is where you’ll also find our electronics charging station. There will be more outlets than riders, so everyone should have an outlet to use at any given time. But please remove your electronics once they are fully charged. Please note that your phone will charge faster if powered off while charging. The charging station is not monitored, so please do not leave your items unattended. Padre’s is not responsible for lost or damaged items left on the charging station. The charging station will run from approximately 6:30 am until 8:30 am, and from the afternoon until around 9:00 pm. These times may vary each day. Each morning, in the same area, you will find freshly brewed coffee. There will also be water, ice, and sports drink powder. All of these are complementary as well. One cooler will be solely for ice. When getting ice from the cooler, please use the ice scoop, and sanitize your hands before doing so to avoid the spread of germs. Do not grab ice while wearing cycling gloves.

Bikes, Racks, and Maintenance
We will have several bike racks to hang your bike each day. This is the best place to put your bike while in camp. Bike racks are first come, first served, but there should be enough space for all riders, depending on bike types and accessories. If you have a trike, simply park it near the bike racks. Please do not bring your bike inside your tent or vestibule, or lean it against your tent. This can damage the tent and get grease inside, which will ultimately end up on you and your things. We’ve not had issues with theft in the past, but if it makes you feel more comfortable, feel free to bring a lock and secure your bike to the rack. If you have mechanical issues with your bike, there will be a limited set of tools to borrow. Please return any tools you may borrow. Your used shower towel will work well for wiping things off at this time. We will also have several bike pumps available. Please keep the bike pumps in the bike rack area, so that riders can easily locate them.

Showers and Towels
Each evening, you'll be provided with two new shower towels. The towels are eco-friendly, recycled, and disposable. But have no fear; we have used these towels many years with virtually no complaints. The towels are strong and absorbent, but to ensure that they do the trick, you'll get two daily. Save a used towel after your shower. They are ideal for wiping your bike or other gear down in the morning or should you need to work on your bike at any time. Don’t forget to grab your towels on your way to the showers each evening!

Daily Check-Out
Our crew will begin breaking camp around 7 am most days. Please plan to be out of your tent with your gear no later than 8:00 am most days. (We will remain at the St Bernard school in Breaux Bridge for two nights so the first morning at St Bernard we will not be breaking camp.) When you are finished inside your tent, please open the valve on your air mattress. This will allow the mattress to self-deflate by the time the crew breaks down your tent. Do not fold or roll the mattress up. Just let it lay flat in its place. Also, please have your gear out of your tent as early as you can so that the crew knows your tent is ready to be taken down. In order for our crew to break camp, transport everything to the next town, and have the next camp ready for you, we must begin taking tents down as early as possible. 

Final Day Procedures
On the last day, we will shuttle all bags to the designated area near the softball fields in Beaver Park. The bags will be with the other Cycle Zydeco rider bags and will have your normal luggage tags/bands on them. We will be breaking camp while you are riding the final day so your gear will need to be packed up and removed from your tent before you leave for the ride.  We hope to be on our way back to St Louis before many riders finish so be sure to pack your towels in your gear Sunday morning so that you can shower when you return to Lafayette.

We will have two meetings; the first meeting will be on Sunday, immediately following the Katy Trail Ride meeting. If you are interested in this meeting, please plan to be in the Padre’s Zone, at the trailer, right after the Ride meeting. There will be an additional meeting on Thursday evening. This meeting will explain how to access your luggage the last day and any other information you may need for the final day. Please try to attend.

Gratuity is not included in your registration fee. However, there will be a tip jar out in the relaxation area at the end of the week. If you feel your staff has done a good job for you, feel free to show them your appreciation with a cash tip. 

Recommended Items
Helmet, please
Bedding for mattress (sheets or blanket if desired)
Tent light, flashlight, or headlight
Flip-Flops for showers and easy in/out tent access
Headlight/taillight for your bike
Small first aid bag
Bug spray
Rain gear
Phone charger
Wet Wipes
Zip lock bags
Tent fan (we recommend the O2 Cool Fan)
Bike lock - We haven’t had any issues, but if you want to lock up your bike please bring a lock