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Welcome to Padre’s Cycle Inn!  Ride with Padre’s. Relax in our Oasis.  Then, get up and repeat the process.  It’s as simple as that!
Ride.  Relax.  Repeat.
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Why Charter?

Do you remember what it’s like to be on a real vacation? A place where someone else has all of the responsibility for your comfort? Wouldn’t it be nice if, after a long ride, you didn’t have to worry about lugging your bags, pitching your tent, or setting up canopies and chairs? Padre’s provides first-class service that does all of that for you, and more. All you have to do is cycle in!
What’s included?

  • High quality tents, set up for you
  • Air mattresses inflated for you
  • Comfortable chairs
  • Padre’s Oasis, a shaded area to relax cooling fans, snacks and cold drinks
  • Clean, environmentally friendly, disposable bath towels daily
  • Electronic device charging stations
  • Hot coffee, fresh water, and Gatorade in the morning
  • Bicycle pumps
  • Bicycle maintenance stands
  • Bicycle racks
  • Porta-potties (AKA, KYBOs) on site
  • Hand-washing station
  • Hot showers conveniently located
  • A friendly, helpful staff at your service
  • Increased odds of getting in on the lottery for RAGBRAI, since we are registered as a RAGBRAI group
  • Optional shuttle to and from RAGBRAI start and end towns, along with your bike and gear


our events

We are currently planning several rides for the year. We are always looking for new opportunities to charter new rides as they emerge. If you are planning to do a ride that is not currently chartered, contact us! Below is a list of upcoming rides.


Cycle Zydeco – April Take a relaxing, flat tour around Louisiana, and enjoy great food and entertainment! Don’t miss this adventure.

Pedaler’s Jamboree – May Take a ride across one of the most scenic portions of the Katy Trail, while stopping for food, drinks, and live music along the way. This one- or two-day ride is a great way to see Missouri without having to be gone for a whole week.

Katy Trail – June Enjoy a scenic ride across Missouri on the historic Katy Trail, the longest Rail to Trail project in the country! The DNR has been putting on this ride for over 15 years. Don’t miss this year’s ride!

RAGBRAI – July Be a part of the longest, largest, and oldest bike ride in the world! RAGBRAI is a mecca for cyclists all over the world. If you like cycling, pork chops, homemade pie and ice cream, you can’t miss the RAGBRAI experience!

Bike MS – September Support the cause by riding Bike MS, where all riders have a variety of distance options. Enjoy the party on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, to enhance the experience.


About Us

Padre’s Cycle Inn was originally founded in 2007, by Bill “Padre” Carter. He and “Madre” built this full-service cycling and hospitality service from the ground up, chartering over 100 rides. In 2014 and 2015, we (Jimmy and Dave) used Padre’s Cycle Inn as our RAGBRAI charter. Our passion for cycling, combined with our appreciation for the ease of the charter service led us to purchase the business from Padre in 2015. Although Padre’s Cycle Inn is under new ownership, we have maintained every aspect of the excellent service we enjoyed ourselves as customers, and we continually strive to improve it as we move on!