Pedaler’s Jamboree gives you a taste of the Katy Trail, along with some great food and music on the way. This ride, organized by Off Track Events, is sure to be a memorable experience on your Memorial weekend!

This year’s ride begins Saturday, May 29, at Flat Branch Park, in Columbia, MO. It follows the Columbia connector trail, meeting up with the Katy Trail, leading to the festivities at the Old State Penitentiary in Jefferson City, MO.

The ride highlights several stops along the 30-mile journey with a host of food, bands, and stages. Stops include Cooper’s Landing, Hartsburg, and McBaine.

Registered riders can camp at no extra charge, and showers are available for an additional vendor fee. 

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The historic flooding of 2019 closed multiple sections of the Katy Trail State Park and required  the Pedaler’s Jamboree co-directors Mike Denehy and Colin LaVaute to make multiple route changes to the annual bike ride from Columbia to Boonville, MO.  2,000 riders participated in the event and the music and festivities didn’t miss a beat. Six months after the ride the Katy Trail State Park still shows the damage from the summer floods.  Unfortunately, the Salt Creek bridge between Rocheport and Franklin, MO is still heavily damaged and needs to be replaced. Missouri State Park officials do not expect the bridge work to be completed before next year’s Pedaler’s Jamboree.  While the trail is closed there will continue to be a designated road detour for this section of the trail on Hwy 240 and Hwy 40.

“Having the advance insight of this trail detour helps us make safe and calculated plans for next year’s ride” Denehy said. “Although we will miss our friends and traditions in Boonville, we plan to reinvent the Jamboree and give riders a new experience by routing the adventure from Columbia to Jefferson City!”

Off Track Events in conjunction with the Jefferson City Convention and Visitors Bureau and the Mayor of Jefferson City Carrie Tergin are announcing that the Capital City will host the main stage and overnight of the 2021 Pedaler’s Jamboree. Riders will enter Jefferson City on the Pat Jones Pedestrian Bridge and travel to the final overnight host destination at the famed Missouri State Penitentiary.  Main stage festivities and camping will be hosted on-site. 

“When considering locations to host the main stage in Jefferson City, the Missouri State Penitentiary was at the top of our list.” says Colin LaVaute. “The city and state officials were extremely receptive and accommodating to the proposed rerouting goals.  Plans came together quickly and successfully due to their great enthusiasm and support.”

Operating from 1836 to 2004 the Missouri State Penitentiary was the oldest continuously operating correctional institution west of the Mississippi River when it closed.  Prison tours are a main tourist attraction for the city attracting over 32,000 visitors per year.  Although special events and concerts have taken place in the penitentiary grounds in the past, the 2021 Pedaler’s Jamboree participants will be given the first exclusive group opportunity to camp on the grounds.

“This is the first time that a group like this will have the opportunity to spend the night voluntarily in the entire history of the Missouri State Penitentiary.  We think that is pretty cool!” says Jefferson City Mayor Carrie Tergin. 

“The CVB has a vested interest in attracting more cycling events to Jefferson City, so we are delighted to partner with the Pedaler’s Jamboree to bring this exciting ride to our city.” says Diane Gillespie, Director of the Jefferson City Convention and Visitors Bureau.

The Pedaler’s Jamboree expects to bring over 2,500 bike riders and revelers to Jefferson City.  The 2020 ride will still start at Flat Branch Park in Columbia and head down the MKT Trail to the Hindman Junction to the Katy Trail. The new route will re-direct riders south on the trail.  The following trail-side stops will include live music performed by regional and national acts: McBaine, Cooper’s Landing, Hartsburg and North Jefferson Park. The band lineup and location details will be posted on the website in early 2020.  

Richard King the new owner of Cooper’s Landing is excited to host one of the Jamboree day stops. “I have participated on the Pedaler’s Jamboree multiple times!  It’s a great way to experience the Katy Trail with friends!” says King. “Any opportunity for folks to explore this stretch of the trail is worth taking. We are excited to welcome riders back to Coopers Landing after the floods of 2019 and show them that this corridor of the trail is open and ready to host a party!” 

2021 marks the 30th anniversary of the Katy Trail State Park.

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Why Padre’s?

Wouldn’t it be nice if, after a long day of riding and the extra-curriculars of the Jamboree, you didn’t have to worry about finding your bags in the baggage pile, searching for an open, shaded, flat spot, pitching your tent, or setting up canopies and chairs? What if you didn’t have to worry about your bags getting wet or trying to find a place to charge your phone? Padre’s provides first-class service that does all of that for you, and much, much more. All you have to do is Cycle Inn – We do the rest!

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What We Offer

Camping and Baggage Service:

  • Reserved camping on site in Kemper Park, in a reserved area specifically for Padre’s, Saturday night through Sunday morning.
  • Baggage transport directly to your tent on Saturday, keeping your gear out of the weather, plus separate, expedited delivery of your luggage back to Columbia, making it easier to find your luggage when you get back Sunday.
  • High quality tents, provided and set up and taken down for you.
  • A twin-size mattresses inflated for each camper (please bring your own sheet, blanket, and/or pillow).
  • Comfortable chairs to relax and enjoy the show at Kemper Park.
  • Padre’s Zone, a shaded area to relax, with cooling fans, snacks, and cold beverages.
  • In-camp concierge center with a host available to help with your needs.
  • Electronic device charging stations to keep phones, computers, lights or other devices charged up for the next day.
  • Hot coffee, fresh ice water, and Gatorade Sunday morning.
  • Bicycle tire pumps.
  • Bicycle maintenance stand and tools available, in case you need to clean or adjust your bike.
  • Bicycle racks so that you don’t have to lay your bike on the ground or lean them.
  • Convenient location near restrooms and hot showers (showers sold separately)
  • Clean, environmentally friendly, disposable bath towels daily, which can double as your bike rag or door mat.
  • A friendly, helpful staff at your service


Pricing and Registration

Camping and Baggage Service – 1 Night:

Regular Tent with One Person:

Regular Kelty tent with single occupancy and one mattress.

Includes all Camping and Baggage services listed above.
Early Bird Registration = $75* | Regular Registration = $85**

Large Tent with One Person:

Large Kelty tent with single occupancy and one mattress.

Includes all Camping and Baggage services listed above.
Early Bird Registration = $90* | Regular Registration = $100**

 Large Tent with Two People:

Large Kelty tent with double occupancy and two mattresses.

Includes all Camping and Baggage services listed above.
Early Bird Registration = $150* | Regular Registration = $170**


* Early Bird Registration ends 90 days before the event.
** Regular Registration ends 30 days before the event.


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