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Cycle Zydeco is a four-day casual touring ride in South Louisiana. The ride takes place every year the week after Easter and includes great food, live music, and the finest flat roads Louisiana has to offer.

Cycle Zydeco is a festival on wheels. Experience mouthwatering Cajun cuisine and live performances by the best bands in Louisiana. The ride includes tours of many attractions and options for camping or staying in hotels. Immerse yourself in Acadiana: the birthplace of Zydeco, home to Cajuns and Créoles alike, and one of the most unique cultures in the United States.

Cycle Zydeco has its priorities:

Ride a bicycle to the next festive location!

The main routes average about 40 miles (65 km) per day. Longer route options are available each day that average over 62 miles (100 km). All routes include points of interest such as brewery tours, swamp tours, and other good times that you will find in Acadiana.

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Online Registration is Closed!

Why Padre’s?

Wouldn’t it be nice if, after a long ride, you didn’t have to worry about finding and lugging your bags, searching for an open, shaded, flat spot, pitching your tent, or setting up canopies and chairs? What if you didn’t have to worry about your bags getting wet or trying to find a place to charge your phone? Padre’s provides first-class service that does all of that for you, and much, much more. All you have to do is Cycle Inn – We do the rest!


At Padre’s, we also limit our group to 100 riders, but for Cycle Zydeco we’re usually closer to 50. This ensures a more personalized appeal, so you won’t just feel like a number when you are in camp. It can be nice to see a familiar face at the end of a day, after riding among thousands of riders, to share a story, or even forge a new friendship.


What We Offer

Camping and Baggage Service:

  • Reserved camping at a site reserved specifically for Padre’s
  • Baggage transport directly to and from your tent each day, keeping your gear out of the weather
  • High quality tents, provided and set up and taken down for you daily
  • A twin-size mattresses inflated for each camper (please bring your own sheet/blanket/pillow)
  • Comfortable chairs to relax
  • Padre’s Zone, a shaded area to relax, with cooling fans, snacks, and cold beverages
  • In-camp concierge center with a host available to help with information about events, shuttles, food, entertainment, and directions
  • Electronic device charging stations to keep phones, computers, lights or other devices charged up daily
  • Hot coffee, fresh ice water, and Gatorade each morning
  • Bicycle tire pumps
  • Bicycle maintenance stand and tools available, in case you need to clean or adjust your bike
  • Bicycle racks so that you don’t have to lay your bike on the ground or lean them
  • Hot showers and porta-potties conveniently located
  • Clean, environmentally friendly, disposable bath towels daily, which can double as your bike rag or door mat
  • Maps, directions and arrows to help you navigate into and out of each campsite
  • A friendly, helpful staff at your service

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Camping and Baggage Service:

Option 1 – $330

Regular Kelty tent with single occupancy and one mattress.

Includes all Camping and Baggage services listed above.


Option 2 – $410

Large, Dome Kelty tent with single occupancy and one mattress.

Includes all Camping and Baggage services listed above.


Option 3 – $270/person

Large, Dome Kelty tent with double occupancy and two mattresses. Sold per person and requires double occupancy. Includes all Camping and Baggage services listed above.



Online Registration is Closed!