In 2012, Jimmy set up an independent Katy Trail ride, which took a small group the entire 237.7 miles, from Clinton to Machens. The original plan was to self-support and camp out each night, so the ride was set up with overnight towns that provided camping amenities. However, ultimately, the group as a whole decided to patronize B&Bs along the way instead. So, Jimmy coordinated the ride in that fashion. Ever since, he has been looking for ways to unite people through single-day and multi-day rides. As a partnership Dave and Jimmy took the reigns when Padre decided to retire from the chartering business. Jimmy has worked and/or ridden several of our chartered rides.


Dave’s passion for cycling had a collision with his expertise in business management in 2015, when Dave rode RAGBRAI with Jimmy, using Padre’s Cycle Inn. He was amazed by the convenience of the service, and intrigued by the opportunity to purchase such an invaluable service, when Padre himself decided to retire and sell the business. Dave has worked and/or ridden several of our rides.


If you’ve ridden with Padre’s, then you probably know Dawn. She’s the face of our business, and, well, everybody loves her! Dawn began as a prospective customer of Padre himself. But ultimately, she became a valuable part of the business. And today, she is and important part of several rides.

Our History

Padre’s Cycle Inn has been chartering rides all across the country, since 2007, including:

  • Katy Trail State Ride
  • Pedaler’s Jamboree
  • Cycle Zydeco
  • Mike MS
  • Bike Virginia
  • BAK
  • BAM
  • JAM
  • Ride the Fault Line
  • Bike Florida
  • Illinois Great Rivers Ride